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Importance of Accessing Ear Care Services

The new way to access ear & hearing health services: Hearing loss will overtake diabetes and cataracts as one of the top 10 UK disease burdens by 2030. For younger people, hearing loss can affect their education and social life. For older people, it can lead to social isolation, dementia and an increased risk of falls. For everyone, it matters. 25% of the population have a moderate to severe ear wax issue that requires medical intervention. However, accessing ear and hearing health services can often be difficult and time consuming. Many people have to wait months for treatment, or simply resign themselves to living with their condition, unaware that they could receive treatment with the help of the TympaHealth system.


The current waiting time to access wax removal services in the NHS is 12-16 weeks. However, with TympaHealth, patients can quickly and easily receive an ear examination, wax removal and hearing screening, all in a single 30 minute appointment. This style of community care not only improves the patient experience, but also removes the requirement to attend GP and hospital appointments whilst lessening the strain on NHS resources The importance of good hearing health: Good ear and hearing health is important to people of all ages and helps us get the most out of life. Our hearing can be affected by many factors, including age, the build-up of wax and the misuse of cotton buds and in-ear headphones. If our ability to hear deteriorates it requires more energy to listen and participate in daily life so we become tired and, in some cases, socially withdrawn. Hearing loss is also known to be the single largest modifiable risk factor for the prevention of dementia.


Simple diagnosis & treatment: During a TympaHealth appointment your clinician will be able to assess your ears, and if wax is present, gently remove it with micro-suction. Micro-suction is the gold standard of wax removal and is much safer than other methods such as irrigation. Once wax has been removed a hearing screening can be performed. This will identify any hearing loss and your clinician will advise whether you require further treatment. However, in many cases, the initial problem could’ve simply been down to the presence of wax itself.


The importance of regular ear & hearing health checks: People have become accustomed to attending various appointments to ensure they maintain a good standard of health and wellbeing. It is considered normal to regularly assess the eyes and teeth, so why are ear and hearing health check-ups less common? The loss of hearing has huge implications for social isolation, quality of life and the safety of individuals. However, it is not uncommon for people to wait 5-7 years before seeking help for a hearing loss. By attending regular ear and hearing health check-ups you could prevent a permanent hearing loss. After all, it could just be wax

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